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About Paper World

Message from the Chairman

“History without motives and vision is worth nothing”- With mere accumulation of time, one cannot expect positive outcome, such as evolution, growth and development. First comes the motive, then the history. The theory applies to young companies too. They usually have clear visions and goals at the beginning of their history. In my case, however, right after I took over the business from the previous CEO in 1989, I had to ask myself the question: What are my motives and visions for running the company? I kept asking the question to myself, day and night. The motives and visions started building gradually but surely, especially after I joined Seiwajyuku, a business study group led by Dr. Kazuo Inamori of Kyocera Group.

Now I can proudly say that I want to make Paper World Corp. a place where everyone, not just our employees but EVERYONE, can achieve his and her happiness. A place where new ideas are created and appreciated, and with the new values, contribute ourselves to the society's evolution, growth, and development: In sum, better future.

Paper World Corp.
Takashi Iwasaki
September, 2010


Paper World began its history in 1960 specializing in corrugated paper (or “Danbohru” in Japanese). Cardboard was invented in Great Britain in 19th century, but was neither known nor used in Japan until 1909, when Teijiro Inoue succeeded in producing corrugated paper and gave it a now commonly used Japanese name, “Danbohru.” Teijiro , thus knows as the “father of corrugated paper” in Japan, is also acknowledged for establishing Rengo Group, the top paper company with the biggest Danbohru share in Japan. Not only did he name cardboard, but also he named our company in 1960 as Joto Package Co., Ltd (Joto means east of Osaka Castle, where the company resided back then). The founder of Joto Package was Torazo Iwasaki. He worked at Teijiro's right hand in the post-war era and decided to establish his own business. In 2010, celebrating the 50th anniversary, Joto Package was renamed
“Paper World.”

Teijiro Inoue
Teijiro Inoue

Torazo Iwasaki
Torazo Iwasaki

Board members

Yohji Iwasaki

Torao Nishikawa

Takashi Iwasaki (Chairman)



三方善 (Sanpo Yoshi)
- It means that the all three parties involving a business benefit. The three parties include a buyer, a seller, and the market. We do not just seek for our benefit, we seek for our business partner's benefit, as well as the whole market's benefit.


With higher aims and bigger dreams, we strive for each one of our happiness. We also strive to create new values, and by doing so, we believe that we can contribute ourselves to the society and its future.

By “each other,” we mean Sanpo, the three parties; in other words, everyone. The definition of “new values” can be interpreted in many ways. New product, new system, new project, new ideas, new customers... we believe in the importance of creating the “NEW” by ourselves because the new values are the seeds of our future.

Product Quality Control

Quality, Cost, and Delivery (QCD): we're a group of professionals with capabilities to provide these most basic, yet the most important customer needs.


Management Principles

  1. Practice the motto, “Sanpo Yoshi”
  2. Enjoy work, love what you do!
  3. Professionalism
  4. Hold great dreams and hopes in your heart
  5. Expand the network, get connected
  6. “Hibi kessan”
    (literally translates as “daily accounting,” and it means know the evolving cost and profit daily.)
  7. Learn, think, put your thoughts together and share the ideas with others
  8. Always be cheerful and positive
  9. Always organize, tidily and hygienically
  10. Do the “right” things

Manufacturing Philosophy

We're a paper specialty business. We have many things to offer when it comes to manufacturing. Our 50 year long history is not merely a number: we have the right materials, design and planning skills, ecological mind, as well as manufacturing capabilities. When manufacturing, we utilize all these strengths to come up with the best product for all needs, for everyone.

Awards and Recognition

3rd place in Hokuriku Region Net Shop Contest: Hosted by Industry Development Foundation of Ishikawa Prefecture (Mar. 2nd, 2011)

Certification of Prime Business Performance utilizing IT: Certified by Small and medium-sized enterprise of Kansai Region (Feb. 24th, 2010)


Top 273 Manufacturing Company: Awarded by Osaka Prefecture (2009)

Governor of Osaka,
Governor of Osaka,
Tohru Hashimoto
CEO of Paper World, Takashi Iwasaki
CEO of Paper World, Takashi Iwasaki

Most Inventive Company Award: Awarded by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yao city (Nov. 26rd, 2009)

Environment Improvement Award: Awarded by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yao city (Nov. 23rd, 2009)

11 Manufacturing Companies that contributed the most in Yao city's business promotion: Recognized and awarded by Mayor of Yao city (Oct. 27th, 2009)

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