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Packaging and Cartons

Increasing number of clients are asking for information about our paper material collection. In addition to the followings, we have variety of papers. Contact us with your needs, purpose of use and preferences so we can pick the best material for you. Samples are available upon request (shipping cost may apply).

Board Paper

- 100% recycled paper board (Available in Black, White, and Brown)
Black (DK Black)
White (DK White)
Brown (Aceball)

- Paper Board derived from milk cartons (“Mil-dan”) ¥500 Per sheet: 850mmx 1100mm (thickness either 3mm or 6mm)

Plastic Cardboard

Light-weighted, durable, and long-lasting! If you are looking for a way to cut cost, this is a perfect material for you. Because it lasts for much longer than paper materials and it can be used repetitively, we believe it's also an environmental-friendly material.
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Material ConneXion

Paper World currently has 4 materials (as seen in “Paper Materials”) registered at Material ConneXion and the samples are available at their 8 offices around the world. Material ConneXion has a library with over 6,500 cutting-edge, innovative and sustainable materials in eight categories. If you wish to speak to material specialists for your packaging, architectural, textile, apparel design solutions and more, please contact your nearest Material ConneXion office.
Our materials are listed with following numbers.
MC# 6589-01 (100% recycled paper board)
MC# 6589-02 (Paper board derived from milk cartons)