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Portfolio and Projects (International)

Paper World products on Sale! (Eco Model and Christmas Tree)

Client: BoConcept (Chelsea, New York)
Date: Nov. 17th, 2011- Dec. 26th, 2011

Private Birthday Party (Eco Model)

The client wanted to come up with fun activities for her daughter's birthday party. When we suggested Eco Model's assembling, she got very excited and immediately decided to take in the idea as one of the activities.
Client: Owner of BoConcept (Gramacy, New York)
Date: September, 2011

Christmas Decoration (Christmas Tree and Cardboard Animal Head)

The shopping center was looking for an ecological Christmas themed decoration. They contacted us after they found our name and works on a design book. Everything went very fast and smooth: the delivery of two three meter high Christmas Trees was completed within 2 weeks. In addition to the giant trees, they ordered 1.2 meter, 60cm, and 30cm tall trees, which brighten up the entire mall.
Client: Jinqiao International Business Plaza
Date: Feb. 2011

Promotional Goods (customized Eco Model)

The German machinery company wanted to come up with a unique promotional good. Here's what Mr. Henry Eidenschink of Doppostadt had to say.
“We think that the cardboard animals are a very unique present for our customers. Our company is manufacturing recycling machines and is well known for its consciousness for the environment. Since the Joto (now Paper World) cardboard animals are made from recycled cartons, it is a perfect way to show our customers that we are interested in protecting the environment. We have started with a “Buffalo,” which is the name of the most popular machine we are selling. The product (Eco Model) will be distributed to our customers through our distributors in many countries worldwide. Since many of our products carry the names of animals, it is most likely that we will also promote the other products with these creative gadgets.”
Client: Doppostadt (Germany)
Date: July. 2009

The Company Tour

The magazine wanted to interview successful environmental-conscious firms and they found our name on the web. They brought in a group of female college students from Hong Kong to write an article about our recycled materials and original products. The article was published on the magazine in October, 2008.
Client: WeekendWeekly magazine (Hong Kong)
Date: June 4th, 2008